Friday, March 3, 2017


The fabulous people at GCSPA are trying something new this year! Alumni Night!
Alumni Night will feature some fun activities such as Alumni against the Giants (both boys and girls basketball), an amazing dinner, fun carnival style games for little children and the BASKET RAFFLE!
Kathy Escue has volunteered to coach the Lady Giants, and Shad Hicks has volunteered to coach the Giants Boys' Basketball Team during the event. Joyce Lee has volunteered to be one of the referees!
Be ready to shoot some baskets at the end of each quarter for a cash prize in Knock Out!
Our own David Wright will be cooking up tons of chicken and dumplings and other tasty treats. Please consider purchasing your tickets ahead of time so we will know how much food to prepare! We also need desserts donated!
See photos for more information or call the front office!